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The Elexoma has no less than three Nobel prizes and seven decades of research backing it up. Swap your pill-popping for safe and fast relief from pain, injury, depression, anxiety and insomnia (and much more). Here’s how you can buy or lease your very own Elexoma Medic device.


Now YOU can own the simple, yet extremely powerful, Elexoma Medic that has no less than three Nobel prizes backing it up! Get the complete package with: Earclips, self-adhesive electrodes, recharger …

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Some interesting facts and statistics on the Elexoma and the human brain.

Billion neurons in your brain, as many stars in the Milky Way!
386 %
increase in attention span after 20 min treatment
3 x
better than Prozac, with none of the side effects
How the Elexoma is applied in daily situations

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Articles and blog posts on the various uses of the Elexoma

I shocked the sheriff

Stress and the workplace go together like sushi and politicians. Or (in the case of the SA Police Service) like luxury German cars and top cops.  While our most recent …

Metal matters

A fairly common question we get here at Elexoma headquarters is, “I’ve had a metal prosthesis implanted in my (insert anatomical location here). Is it safe for me to use …

The buzz stops here

Tinnitus is the medical name for a fairly common problem (in one way or another, it affects about one in five people over the age of 55). Tinnitus refers to …