Alarms, MP3 player & SD card on the Elexoma

Alarms and indicators

If the treatment circuit is broken (treatment lead not plugged in properly, electrodes not fixed properly, or not wet), an alarm will flash on the middle right of the display screen. If the intensity reaches 200 uAmp or more, the alarm will also be audible (very audible, in fact). If this happens, reposition the electrodes and make sure the treatment leads are properly plugged in.

What about the MP3 player and the SD card?

If you read through the User’s manual, you will see mention made of a built-in MP3 player, as well as SD-card functionality. Neither of these functions were activated by the manufacturer, which is why we never mention either of these in our advertising. The idea behind the SD card was that people could upload music and/or additional treatment programmes to the SD-card and then plug the card into the Elexoma. The firmware for this was never completed, however. Don’t worry about it. Your Elexoma has enough oomph in the pre-set 8 programmes to treat almost anything you can present it with.

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