How long does the Elexoma take before effects on depression become clear?

Typically about a week, If you are using prescription antidepressants, it may take up to a month before effects become noticeable.

Can I use the Elexoma with my antidepressants?

Yes, there's no known or observed interaction between microcurrent and prescription antidepressants.

Will I be able to stop my antidepressants once I use the Elexoma?

Once your mood is stable on the Elexoma, it is mostly possible to withdraw from prescription antidepressants without experiencing a depression relapse. NOTE: This should ONLY be done in conjunction with your prescribing doctor.

Do I need to use the Elexoma for the rest of my life to prevent depression relapse?

In almost all cases, microcurrent resolves depression symptoms in 6 months or less.  However, to continue benefitting from the deep sleep, focused attention and better conflict resolution that regular microcurrent (CES) treatment provides, it is advised that you treat yourself at least three times a week for as long as you can.

How long would I have to use the Elexoma Medic system for?

The amount of treatment time varies according to the condition. However, a minimum treatment time of 15 min/day is required. It can take 3 to 7 days for effects to become clear to the user.

What are the benefits of using Elexoma Medic?

  • Chemical free – A safe and effective drug-free solution with no toxic side-effects , Elexoma Medic provides an alternative to prescription drugs.
  • Cost-effective – Our rental contract ensures that monthly costs remain stable, unlike the fluctuating prices of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the device can pay for itself in less than a year in respect of savings on pharmaceuticals. READ MORE...


What about guarantees and product support?

The Elexoma Medic™ offers excellent Swiss technical product support providing:

  • Comprehensive medical and technical in-house support.
  • Comprehensive 2-year factory carry-in warranty.

What intensity should I use?

Most published CES research studies were conducted at either 100 uAmp or 200 uAmp.  The reason for this is that such a level is so low that the human skin cannot feel it.  In other words, some study participants can be actively treated and others can be given sham 'fake treatment - neither study participant would know which was which.  READ MORE...

How long should I treat myself?

In general, you can accept the pre-set treatment times for each programme.  One treatment a day is more than enough in most cases.  To give you an idea of just how effective a treatment session is: some therapists using the Elexoma only give ONE half-hour treatment session a WEEK and they still report dramatic results. READ MORE...

When should I treat myself?

For most people, it is easiest to treat themselves in the morning, maybe during breakfast or while on the way to work.  A few people report feeling tired after a treatment session and they are advised to treat themselves before bedtime.  Overall, it does not matter WHEN you treat yourself, as long as it fits in with your lifestyle.  The handy belt pouch makes it possible to carry the Elexoma with you while you are walking.  Note: You can continue working on your computer while treating yourself - there is no interaction with the Elexoma.

How long does the Elexoma take before effects on my headache become clear?

This depends on the type and cause of headache.  Most users report an immediate reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches, even after the first treatment.  In some cases, headaches disappear completely, in other cases they become extremely rare (once or twice per year instead of weekly).

Can I use the Elexoma Medic with my analgesics?

Yes, you can. There is no interaction between the Elexoma Medic and any analgesics.  You will find that you do not need to take as many analgesics as you used to, and, in some cases, will be able to stop using them altogether.

Will the Elexoma Medic fry my brain in any way?

The Elexoma Medic was made to the highest Swiss safety standards.  The output is in the region of the body's own electrical current.  Most people are not even able to feel the current during treatment.  The device is governed in such a way that even the maximum output is still well within the safe range.

How safe is the Elexoma Medic for the treatment of headaches?

It is perfectly safe.  The only side effects reported are drowsiness, alertness and mild headache. In each case, the number of users reporting these side effects is well below 3% of all users. 

Is the Elexoma Medic addictive?

The Elexoma Medic has no addictive potential. You can use it daily with no danger of becoming addicted to it.

What do I do if the Elexoma Medic doesn't relieve my headache?

Contact us for personalised recommendations, specific to your case. If this still does not resolve your headache and you are within the money-back guarantee period, you will be fully refunded if you return the Elexoma Medic to us.

How long before the Elexoma improves my sleep habits?

You will need one month's treatment for every year you've suffered with insomnia. Significant improvements to your sleep will be evident after about 6 months of using the Elexoma.

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