Elexoma Display Screen

Switching Off & the Display Screen




Switching off the Elexoma

There is no OFF-switch. If the device is inactive for about 30 seconds, it will turn itself off.

The Display Screen

The Elexoma display screen can be somewhat confusing, but focus on four things only:

  • Programme setting

Once the Elexoma is on, the top half of the central silver button cycles through the 8 preset programm–es. Every time you press the top half of the central button, you will see a different number displayed to the left of the countdown timer (“1” in our example above). The preset programmes are discussed in some detail on page 11 of your Users manual. For now, all you need to know is that Programme 1 is used for CES and the other 7 programmes are used for MET. This is over-simplification, but this is a Quick-start guide, after all.

  • Count-down timer

The countdown timer is preset for the various programmes. To start your treatment, press the bottom half of the central silver button. The countdown timer will start. If you press the bottom half of the central button a second time, while the countdown timer is running, a short double beep will signal the end of treatment and the countdown timer is reset to its default value.

  • Intensity

Intensity is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. When treatment is initiated, it begins at 10 uAmp.

  • Battery level indicator

This is displayed just above the intensity setting, on the right hand side of the screen. It is not very accurate, unfortunately. You have about 15 hours of treatment life in the batteries after a single charge, so it is a good idea to recharge your batteries every three weeks or so (with normal use).



Plugging in the Elexoma leads
Switching on the Elexoma