What are the benefits of using Elexoma Medic?

  • Chemical free – A safe and effective drug-free solution with no toxic side-effects , Elexoma Medic provides an alternative to prescription drugs.
  • Cost-effective – Our rental contract ensures that monthly costs remain stable, unlike the fluctuating prices of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the device can pay for itself in less than a year in respect of savings on pharmaceuticals.
  • Peace of mind – Elexoma Medic™ is backed by the highly professional, friendly and efficient team at Integrow Health (Pty)Ltd.
  • Convenient, versatile and portable – Elexoma Medic™ is powered by rechargeable batteries used in clinical, home health-care, sports and occupational medicine applications and can be carried in a case attached to a belt.
  • Performance maintained – The Modulation Technique application prevents the body cells from becoming immune (“used”) to long-term treatment and ensures that effective results are achieved even with long-term use.
  • Comfort – This unique concept allows patients to obtain Elexoma Medic for limited or extended periods to use in the comfort of their homes.
  • Safety – Minimal side effects reported.
  • Affordability – Over the period of a year or two, the options provided by Elexoma Medic™ cost significantly less than many prescription drugs.