How to look after your Elexoma electrodes

Looking after your electrodes

Your pre-gelled electrodes need a lot of loving care. Their expected lifespan is three months, if you use them every day, but with careful use you can use them for much longer. To get the electrode off the counterfoil, do NOT pick it up by the “tail”, but rather peel a corner off with your finger and then lift it up by the corner. If the electrodes lose their stickiness, you can rejuvenate them by rubbing a drop of dishwashing soap into the sticky side, then rinsing the soap off with cold water. Stick the wet electrode back onto the counterfoil and put it all in the fridge overnight. The next morning, the stickiness ought to be back to square one.


Try to keep electrodes patient-specific. In other words, let one person use one set of pre-gelled electrodes only (you can always order extra from us, if needed). This is specially true in cases where open wounds are being treated. However, this is only a recommendation.

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