OWN the Elexoma for R370 x 24 months.


  • The agreement is subject to the signing of a debit order.
  • You are NOT locked in for 24 months – you can cancel the agreement at any time, by returning the Elexoma and giving 30 days’ notice. You will, however, be liable for the postage or courier fee for returning the Elexoma (see nr.11 below).
  • After 24 months, the Elexoma is yours and the monthly fee is no longer payable.


This Elexoma Medic lease agreement is a contract between you (“the Lessee”) and Integrow Health (Pty) Ltd (“Integrow” or “the Lessor”)

Our physical address is as indicated in the header of this agreement. Your physical address is as indicated on your accompanying Debit Order Instruction.


  • the Lessor, Integrow, is and remains the owner of the Elexoma Medic System and
  • the Lessee is willing to lease the Elexoma Medic System on the following terms and conditions,

Now it is agreed as follows:

1. The lease: Integrow agrees to lease and the Lessee agrees to take on lease one Elexoma Medic System (“the System”), from the date the Debit Order instruction form is signed (“the commencement date”) until the Lessee gives notice in writing of his intention to terminate the lease (“the cancellation date”)

2. The System: The Elexoma Medic System shall include but not be limited to one Elexoma Medic device, one set of ear clip electrodes, two sets of treatment leads, two pairs of pre-gelled electrodes, four rechargeable AAA batteries, one battery charger, one carry pouch, one instruction manual and one zip-able carry case.

3. Delivery: The Lessor undertakes to bear the delivery costs of the System to the Lessee. The Lessee shall furnish his preferred delivery address on the Debit Order Instruction and takes full responsibility for inaccurate information and consequences this may have.

4. Payment of rental: On, or as soon as possible after, the commencement date, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor the agreed-upon up-front fee via bank transfer. Upon receipt of proof of payment, the Lessor will send the System to the Lessee. The agreed-upon monthly rental fee will be levied via monthly debit order and will commence no less than 15 days after the commencement date. The Lessor shall issue invoices for each payment due. Should the debit order fail, the Lessee will be contacted to remedy the situation. Should subsequent attempts at processing the debit order also fail, the Lessee will be regarded in breach of this Agreement.

5. Surety: The Lessor requests and the Lessee gives no surety on the lease of the Device.

6. Accessories: The Lessor will provide additional accessories for sale to the Lessee.

7. Purchase: The Lessee may elect to purchase the leased System at any point for an amount totalling R7,176 (inclusive of VAT). All lease amounts paid up to that point will be deducted from this purchase price. In these cases, the two year warranty for factory defects will be calculated from the commencement date of the lease.

8. Guarantee: The Lessee may elect to cancel this Agreement and return the System to the Lessor within 60 days of the commencement date, for a full refund of the initial rental charge(s). 60 calendar days after the commencement date, this clause will no longer apply.

9. Lessee’s obligations: The Lessee shall, at all times, obey and comply with all laws, rules, regulations, orders and other legal requirements pertaining to the use of microcurrent devices. The Lessee will not do or permit or omit to be done anything which might endanger the health, safety or life of any user of the System. The Lessee shall immediately notify the Lessor with full details of any harmful event related to the use of the System.

10. Indemnity: The Lessee hereby indemnifies each of the Lessor and its directors, employees or agents, and shall keep each of them fully indemnified at all times against all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, costs, expenses, fines, penalties, losses and liabilities, whatever in any way arising out of or connected with the System or this Agreement and arising during the period of this Agreement, whenever incurred. The Lessee further agrees to defend the Lessor against any action or proceeding relating to any such losses as are mentioned in the previous clause, to permit the Lessor (at our option) to become party to any such action or proceeding and to indemnify the Lessor against all costs (including legal costs) arising from any such defence.

11. Termination: By giving notice in writing, the Lessee may terminate this agreement at any time. This notice shall be received by the Lessor at least 30 calendar days prior to the cancellation date, subject to the terms of this agreement.

11.1 The System shall be returned by the Lessee to the Lessor at the cost of the Lessee. Until the System has been received by the Lessor, rental will continue to be levied at the agreed-upon rate.

11.2 Should the Elexoma Medic device not be returned in good working order, together with all the accessories, by the cancellation date, the Lessee shall pay the full replacement value (R8,880.00 inclusive of VAT), which amount shall be immediately deducted via debit order.

11.3 The Lessor may terminate this agreement immediately by written notice if the Lessee commits a breach or becomes in breach of any of the terms of this agreement.