Metal matters

prosthetic 300x150A fairly common question we get here at Elexoma headquarters is, “I’ve had a metal prosthesis implanted in my (insert anatomical location here). Is it safe for me to use the Elexoma?”

The short answer is always YES.

Metal in the body does indeed change the flow of electricity through the body’s tissues, but not in a way that is bad or dangerous. Actually, the effects are beneficial, with the bit of metal acting as an additional electrode, distributing the current evenly around it. The metal bits do NOT retain an electrical charge during or after electrotherapy and they do NOT become “supercharged” in any way. That may happen in comic books involving sulky green blokes, or television stories about very expensive bionic guys, but not in real life.

So, if you’ve had a prosthesis and are experiencing pain at the surgery site, just slap on the MET electrodes around the area of pain and treat yourself with either programme 4, 6 or 7 (play around to find the one that gives YOU the best pain relief). You need at least 20 minutes of treatment to have a pain-reducing effect. In general, lower intensities (such as 100 uAmp) are better at reducing pain and improving rates of healing than higher intensities. Again, play around a bit. You cannot do harm to yourself by experimenting.

If pain is a chronic problem, you need to do a daily CES session (programme 1) as well, to boost the brain’s endorphin manufacture and release. These natural painkillers help you to sleep better and feel better, which helps you cope better with localised pain. To paraphrase an old saying, “No brain, no pain.” In other words, there’s a lot of pain perception localised in the brain, even if the site of injury is your big toe. So, boost your brain and you will reduce your pain perception.

Stay in charge! Stay charged!

(Doc) Frank

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