Spring has sprung (a leak)

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when many of us feel like Snow White – feeling a little Sneezy. And soon one feels a little Grumpy, too. Problem is, when you go to see Doc, you’re likely to get pills that make you feel Sleepy and Dopey, too. And soon you feel a little more Grumpy.Sinuses

Well, I’m in the business of making people feel Happy, and am not Bashful about it, so here’s a little magic you can do with your Elexoma Medic to solve your sinus issues without feeling Grumpy. And it’s no fairy tale.

Did you know that your Elexoma is superb in getting those sinuses to work properly again?

Let me first take a step or two back to give you the bigger picture. When you are allergic to something like pollens, for example, they cause a local immune reaction in your nasal cavities. You see, the nose was designed to prevent irritants to reach the lungs. By trapping the irritants in thick mucus, irritants are stopped dead in their tracks and shunted into the gut (gently called “post-nasal drip”) or forward (imagine a three-year old with a cold, looking like a glazed doughnut).

This is all fine and well for your lungs, but when the immune response gets a bit excited by all the irritants, it causes local swelling, which is painful. If the mucus is too thick, it clogs up the drainage and the entire sinus cavity is deprived of oxygen – great for some really nasty germs. In addition, the fine little hair cells that line the sinus cavities get paralysed. They are like little brooms, sweeping the mucus in the right direction. If these dwarf domestic servants go on strike, the trash heaps up pretty quickly. Not a pretty sight.

Along comes Prince Elexoma on his red horse. Using the electrode placement illustrated on page 24 of your manual (the image helpfully marked “[Eyes]”), you can get the hair cells to work again in a matter of minutes. That opens up the blockages, which brings in fresh air, which relieves the pain, which makes you feel Happy.

Use programme 6, both treatment leads, 1,500 uAmp for 15 minutes. Use it once or twice a day, depending on your needs.

Preferably keep your head vertical during treatment (sitting or standing is fine, but you can dance if you feel like it). A vertical position helps get matters flowing quickly. You will see faint flashes of light behind your eyes. This is normal, but if you find this phenomenon disturbingly similar to your 70s disco experiences, you can tone down the intensity a little (or put on more Bryl-creem).

After about 10 minutes, you should feel the back of your throat getting lubricated by a steady stream of mucus and, voila!, your nose is suddenly clear. In most cases, it will stay open for 12 to 24 hours – with NO side effects (unless you want to call those disco flashes a side effect).

Happy Spring!

(Doc) Frank

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