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ache-19005_1920We often get encouraging feedback from our clients, but once in a while, a really glowing testimonial lands in my inbox. These gems make my day and help me to keep on slogging away in the office. Here is a client who received wonderful relief from his migraines. I thought you might enjoy reading about his experience as much as I did. I share this story with the client’s permission.

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Doc Frank

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Yes it’s one machine that changed my life dramatically. I was first diagnosed with severe migraines back in 2001, Grade 10. After that i could never enjoy a rich meal or even look into bright colours of items etc. In 2003 after a big rugby match, i had a migraine attack so bad that I was hospitalised for almost a month. They did a Cat Scan and MRI on me to see if the cause wasn’t a tumour of some sort, luckily not. I went from doctors to doctors, changed my eating plan, started exercising, but still nothing helped, so I thought that this was one thing I will keep for life…. Eventually after having 3 migraines in a row in one week (3 days after each other) I decided that no matter what the cost – I need help, so went through numerous websites, clinics etc, and found nothing, then on a day at home(booked off due to the migraines) I tried one last more time. I found a link to your website. First I thought, yeah right, another money making scam, so I went on and decided to hire it from you. To my surprise, up till today [End October 2010] – NOT A SINGLE MIGRAIN, AND BY THE WAY – I ALSO SLEEP BETTTER, I have not been using any sleeping tablets… I would recommend the Elexoma to anyone to try out…. well it definitely works for me(and my aunt and grandmother) in various ways…

– JE, Johannesburg

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