Exam time

desks 300x150It’s already exam time for most of our young people. A couple of recent articles reported on the effects of microcurrent stimulation on memory.

Ingrid Olson, Professor in Psychology at Temple University, Pennsylvania, United States, reports on her studies in using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to enhance memory difficulties, especially with name recognition. You can read some popular (non-jargon) reports about her research here and here.

Her findings are published in the November 2010 edition of the respectable journal Neuropsychologia. It is not clear at this stage whether tDCS is superior to CES in stimulating memory. We have been getting regular reports of significant memory improvements after CES. This includes people who have suffered brain injury or strokes, or are simply getting older, or are studying for exams. In general, we show a 20% increase in memory (recall) after a single 15 minute CES treatment with the Elexoma Medic. The Elexoma Medic can also provide tDCS stimulation in addition to the CES that you commonly use.

To try and replicate the stimulation given in Ingrid Olson’s study, you can use programme 6 on your Elexoma, using a single body (MET) lead and the pre-gelled pads. Place the red electrode behind your right year, towards the top end of the ear. Place the black electrode on your left cheekbone. Stimulate yourself for 15 minutes at ~500 uAmp. You should see some flashing lights, but that is normal and not in any way dangerous.

Have a shockingly wonderful day!

(Doc) Frank

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