Tennis elbow zapped

Tennis elbow manYou do not have to play tennis to get tennis elbow, but it helps.

There are many sport injuries that are specific to a particular kind of sport. That’s bothersome, since most of us like doing one kind of sport and the idea of changing to another sport simply because of a persistent injury feels alienating. After all, you will miss your buddies if you take up another sport, to mention but one challenge.

Well, here’s some good news. I just received a copy of a PhD Thesis by Leon Poltawski, done at Hertfordshire University in the UK. He tested the Elexoma Medic on chronic tennis elbow. I won’t bore you with all 400 pages of his thesis but rather give you the one sentence summary:

Here it is in “geek speak”: Using low frequency monophasic microcurrent at 50 uAmp, with the cathode on the tender tendon for 99 minutes a day over three weeks resulted in a 93% recovery rate of chronic tennis elbow within 3 months of beginning treatment. Using a higher intensity of 500 uAmp did not have the same beneficial effects.

Now, let me rephrase that paragraph in normal language:

To successfully treat tennis elbow, use programme 5 together with the MET cables and the pre-gelled electrodes. Place the BLACK electrode directly over the tender point and the RED electrode anywhere else. Increase the intensity to NO MORE than 50 uAmp (you will not feel ANYTHING, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be).

Increase the treatment duration to 99 minutes.

Do this once a day for at least three weeks.

Using rehabilitative exercises during the same time further increased the positive outcomes.

Please note something counter-intuitive: Less is more. Using a lower intensities actually improved recovery, compared to higher intensities. Just be patient. You can, of course, apply the same settings for any of the other sport-specific tendon injuries, such as golfer’s elbow, Achilles’ heel, etc.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope this advice helps you to get back into your game quickly again.

And if your buddies ask why you’re playing so well, don’t forget to put in a good word for the Elexoma. That’ll shock them.

(Doc) Frank

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