ADD treatment

Today I treated a young lady of 29, who has always been seriously ADD, but had literally reached the end of the road, saying that she felt as though she was “falling apart”. She is suffering from an overwhelming sadness, not having been able to stop crying for weeks. I let the C.E.S. 1 run twice, while I allowed her to speak, and guided her when appropriate. The result was profound. She felt “lighter”: I could see a change in her eyes and even her body language – something huge had shifted in the 2 hrs we spent together. I will continue to monitor her, as she was in an extremely fragile place. I feel that this, in hindsight, will represent a clear dividing-line in her life.

A gentleman of 61, who has had ADD his whole life, is much calmer, more focused and getting the better of his procrastination. The subtle change started after the first treatment, and has had an accumulative effect over 4 sessions, over 10 days. His wife can’t get over the change!!

I am so grateful for having found you, and the Elexoma. I know that I have added an extremely valuable tool to my box. :>)

Bless you in all the great work you are doing.
– SD, psychologist, Durban