Chronic cluster headaches no more

I am a very busy mom of three children aged 9 months,2 years and 8 years old. My eldest son of eight suffers from autism. I hardly have time for myself and after discovering the benefits of the Elexoma machine, I spent a few minutes a day unwinding with my machine. My life has improved dramatically with the use of the Elexoma Medic machine. I now live a healthy and fulfilling life without feeling tense and being crippled by cluster headaches. I am no longer on medication for my chronic headaches and my body feels more relaxed, my energy levels are high and my mood has improved. I find the Elexoma machine very therapeutic as it clears my head and I am able to breathe easily and not have frightening episodes of heart palpations. I applaud the Elexoma machine for improving my general well-being and the quality of my life. Thank you for a great product, good service and making it affordable for everyone.
– TG, Cape Town