Trauma healing

I recently leased the Elexoma Medic. All I can say is WOW!!!! I have had M.E. for 10 years, and it is truly helping me with my most severe symptoms which are a pounding/palpitating heart caused by a sensitized amygdala caught in constant fight or flight. I was severely traumatized as a child for a number of years (7 years of severe sexual abuse) which caused the M.E. and P.T.S.D. Although I have worked through all that tremendous emotional pain slowly but surely, nothing has been able to alleviate the pounding of my heart or my hyper alert brain (which is completely out of my control and very frustrating as I’m not a naturally highly strung person), but the Elexoma is helping tremendously and I could cry tears of joy as I am starting to feel like the calm person I’ve always known I am – my true self. As a result, my sleep is improving (insomnia is a struggle every night – sometimes very severely). Although I can still feel my heart all the time, to not have it surging with adrenaline constantly is such a precious gift. As a result, I have more energy and am coping a lot better on my bad energy days. I believe it will improve more and more as I continue to use this amazing, miracle device! I want my story to help other abuse survivors and give them hope. For some reason my body rejects medication (which is very scary) so I’m not on any meds, and that’s also another reason why the Elexoma is such a genius machine as trauma can be treated in a non-invasive way with brilliant, tangible results. I would recommend every trauma survivor to use it. It really works!!
– Anoymous, Durban (after one week of use)