If your Elexoma Medic alarm keeps sounding whenever you reach 200 uAmp, no matter what you do, it is most likely that your earclip electrodes are at fault. You can now either order a new set of earclip electrodes or use this little trick: 1) Use one set of the MET cables with two pre-gelled electrodes. 2) Place the pre-gelled electrodes behind either ear (see diagram). If this is not comfortable, any placement at the back of the neck, on either side of the midline will do fine, too. 3) Use programme 1 at 200 – 300 uA for 25 minutes (the standard settings for CES). 4) Placement of the black and red electrodes (left or right) is NOT important, since programme 1 is biphasic (“alternating current”).

Alternative Electrode Placement for CES