Where did my attention span go?

If you want to achieve any kind of goal, it is generally agreed you need to FOCUS! Oh look, there’s something shiny….

Jokes aside, if you’re finding that the length of time for which you’re able to concentrate on an activity or subject is worsening – or if you just want to improve your attention span overall – CES is an excellent option. The Elexoma Medic can increase your attention span without drugs – what a bonus!

One study showed a remarkable 382% increase in attention and concentration span after a single treatment.  In other words, you become more vigilant and aware of your surroundings during and after a CES treatment.  There are many applications of this phenomenon, for example in sports where the athlete has to concentrate intently (e.g., archery, gymnastics, golf) or during studying.  People with shortened attention span can also benefit from CES treatment. It is beneficial for sufferers of ADD / ADHD, as well as  for improved concentration for studying,

If you have the attention span of a goldfish, Elexoma offers help. Contact us today to order yours!


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