Can the Elexoma help autism?

The incidence of autism is rapidly on the increase in many Western countries. The exact cause for this is unknown, but the devastating effect it has on parents and siblings is undeniable.

Signs and symptoms of autism usually present themselves in early childhood, in the form of communication and relationship difficulties with others, as well as the use of language and abstract concepts.

CES offers alternative, non-invasive treatment for children with autism. While using the Elexoma they can continue with everyday activities such as reading, watching TV or listening to music. Effects can often be seen immediately, but also take a while to build up. In general, the Elexoma benefits autistic children in the form of:

  • Mental focus – feeling more alert
    Decreased anxiety – feeling more relaxed
    Increased energy – feeling less fatigued

In addition to overall mood improvement, there are little to no side effects. Call us to find out how the Elexoma Medic can be used to treat autism.

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