Deal with Depression Naturally & Safely

The Elexoma Medic can beat depression risk-free

AN Wisconsin, USA

"Thank you so much, again, for the Elexoma. I know it works!!! I am not taking any of the meds anymore. I am forever grateful!!!"

What can microcurrent do for depression?

  • Puts your brain in a good mood by naturally increasing serotonin.
  • One treatment lasts a couple of days.
  • Won’t override your personality.
  • Gives you an extra boost to get through the day.
  • 100% SAFE (70+ years of clinical studies).
  • Chemical free – no toxic side-effects, therefore a safe alternative to prescription drugs.

You can buy or rent an Elexoma – for less than what you’d pay for anti-depressants. SEE PRICING HERE. With the leasing option, costs are kept stable – and with the savings you make on prescription drugs, the Elexoma will pay for itself within a year.

This amazing little machine will help strengthen you to deal with low moods or a depressed state, giving your clarity of mind, improving your decision-making skills and bringing you back in balance. Get your life back and ORDER YOUR ELEXOMA TODAY.

More benefits to using microcurrent and the Elexoma Medic are:

  • Peace of mind: Backed by the team at Integrow Health, plus a two year warranty means one less thing to worry about.
  • Portable: Rechargeable batteries means convenience, treat yourself anywhere.
  • Performance maintained: Your body won’t get ‘used’ to long-term treatments because of the Modulation Technique.


Elexoma for Depression



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How do I use the Elexoma for my depression?

The earlobe electrodes are dipped in tap water and then clipped on the earlobes. Programme 1 on the Elexoma device is the standard brain stimulation programme. The intensity is set to somewhere between 100 uAmp and 550 uAmp (the maximum). Most people barely feel any tingling on the skin. One 25 minute treatment a day is enough for most cases of depression, but some people may need two treatments (morning and evening). There is no need to disrupt your routine to treat yourself. You can continue with your daily tasks during treatment.


How the Elexoma helped others overcome their depression

MM Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

"The benefit I have obtained from the CES is nothing short of astounding. I have a high pressure job which has resulted in constant anxiety and stress which resulted in depression. That has dissipated to a large extent since I started using the device. I will watch the longer term effect with excitement."

NJ King William's Town, South Africa

I'm a 37 year old female who has been battling with depression for approximately 4 years ... my condition got from bad to worse and started affecting my professional and personal life. 

...I started with CES and that evening already slept like a little baby and I don't feel as anxious as I normally do and my head feels "clearer".

I want to thank you so much for such a great machine, I know now for sure that it will improve my life.

Elexoma puts a spring in your step

How CES helps depression

Treatment time
1-14 days
Treatment frequency
Once daily or as needed
Far more affordable than antidepressants!
Side effects
CES increases the levels of serotonin in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Serotonin is one of your brain's 'feel good' messengers. The more serotonin floating in the CSF, the happier your brain. One study showed a 61% increase in CSF-serotonin after only a single 20 minute treatment. This effect isn't always clearly noticeable, but that is because of the way we rationalise our experiences. Elexoma users are often heard saying, 'I'm not sure if it's the Elexoma, but I'm feeling really great since I started using it!' The effect is subtle, but undeniable. And the effect lasts for a couple of days after a single treatment - that's powerful. So, to enhance your mood and to cope with stress, CES is a marvellous tool. It won't 'override' your personality or circumstances, but it will give you that extra little boost that often is all you need to get through a really hectic day. And the best thing about CES treatment is that is has none of the unfortunate side effects that you often encounter with depression medication.


The Science behind the Elexoma

CES A Safer Alternative to Psychopharmaceuticals for Depression Treatment
Review of the use of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) to treat depression and anxiety

CES in the Treatment of Depression Pt 1
Review of diagnoses, treatment modalities, and comparison of CES efficacy with pharmaceutical treatments

CES in the Treatment of Depression Pt 2
Review of the results of meta-analysis conducted on CES studies.

Q & A

The Elexoma and depression explained

How long does the Elexoma take before effects on depression become clear?

Typically about a week, If you are using prescription antidepressants, it may take up to a month before effects become noticeable.


Can I use the Elexoma with my antidepressants?

Yes, there’s no known or observed interaction between microcurrent and prescription antidepressants.


Will I be able to stop my antidepressants once I use the Elexoma?

Once your mood is stable on the Elexoma, it is mostly possible to withdraw from prescription antidepressants without experiencing a depression relapse. NOTE: This should ONLY be done in conjunction with your prescribing doctor.


Do I need to use the Elexoma for the rest of my life to prevent depression relapse?

In almost all cases, microcurrent resolves depression symptoms in 6 months or less.  However, to continue benefitting from the deep sleep, focused attention and better conflict resolution that regular microcurrent (CES) treatment provides, it is advised that you treat yourself at least three times a week for as long as you can.


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