Deal with Headaches Naturally & Safely

The Elexoma Medic melts headaches away like magic

What can microcurrent do for headaches?

Suffering from persistent headaches? Have you ever experienced….?

  • Severe headache with dizziness, nausea, neck pain, weakness, fatigue, or eye pain,
  • Pain like an ice pick to the temples, or like being hit in the head,
  • Generalised pressure just behind your eyes,
  • Feeling as if there is a ring around your head,
  • Throbbing, squeezing or stabbing pain in your head or your neck?

Is there a healthy, safe and effective alternative to treat a headache? Yes! The Elexoma uses microcurrent therapy to deal with severe headaches:

  • It’s chemical free, so safe for you (and your baby if you’re pregnant).
  • You can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home.
  • Microcurrent has little to no side effects.
  • Microcurrent helps your brain feel alert, unlike medication that will leave you drowsy or unable to concentrate.

Elexoma & Headaches FAQ

How long does the Elexoma take before effects on my headache become clear?

This depends on the type and cause of headache.  Most users report an immediate reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches, even after the first treatment.  In some cases, headaches disappear completely, in other cases they become extremely rare (once or twice per year instead of weekly).


Can I use the Elexoma Medic with my analgesics?

Yes, you can. There is no interaction between the Elexoma Medic and any analgesics.  You will find that you do not need to take as many analgesics as you used to, and, in some cases, will be able to stop using them altogether.


Will the Elexoma Medic fry my brain in any way?

The Elexoma Medic was made to the highest Swiss safety standards.  The output is in the region of the body’s own electrical current.  Most people are not even able to feel the current during treatment.  The device is governed in such a way that even the maximum output is still well within the safe range.


How safe is the Elexoma Medic for the treatment of headaches?

It is perfectly safe.  The only side effects reported are drowsiness, alertness and mild headache. In each case, the number of users reporting these side effects is well below 3% of all users. 


Is the Elexoma Medic addictive?

The Elexoma Medic has no addictive potential. You can use it daily with no danger of becoming addicted to it.


What do I do if the Elexoma Medic doesn’t relieve my headache?

Contact us for personalised recommendations, specific to your case.

If this still does not resolve your headache and you are within the money-back guarantee period, you will be fully refunded if you return the Elexoma Medic to us.


Elexoma gives you a headstart on headaches

How CES helps headaches

Once off / Up to two months
Once a day
More affordable than analgesics
Side effects

CES is remarkably beneficial in the prevention and treatment of headaches, including migraines.The next time you experience a headache, run programme 1 on the Elexoma and see how the headache disappears in a matter of minutes. If you suffer from regular headaches, treat yourself daily and you will find the regularity, duration AND intensity of the headaches steadily decreasing over one or two months. Persist with daily treatment for a couple of months and your regular headaches could be something of the past.

How do I use the Elexoma for my headaches?

Programme 1 on the Elexoma device is the classical CES programme. With the intensity somewhere between 200 uAmp and 550 uAmp (the maximum) you really don't need more CES in a 24 hour period than the preset 25 minutes.


Electromedical Treatment of Headaches
CES reduces muscle tension, stress and anxiety and treats the entire head and brain.

Safety and effectiveness of cranial electrotherapy in the treatment of tension headache
Cranial electrotherapy stimulation is distinct from TENS, and is safe and often effective in ameliorating the pain intensity of tension headaches.


How the Elexoma helped others overcome their headaches

Johan Engelbrecht Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

"I was first diagnosed with severe migraines back in 2001. After that, I could never enjoy a rich meal or even look into bright colours of items etc. In 2003, after a big rugby match, I had a migraine attack so bad that I was hospitalised for almost a month. They did a CAT Scan and MRI to see if the cause wasn't a tumour of some sort, luckily not. I went from doctor to doctor, changed my eating plan, started exercising, but still nothing helped. I thought that this was one thing I will keep for life. Eventually, after having 3 migraines in a row in one week, I decided that no matter what the cost - I needed help. I found a link to your website and at first I thought, yeah right, another money making scam, but decided to hire it from you. To my surprise, up till today - NOT A SINGLE MIGRAINE, AND BY THE WAY - I ALSO SLEEP BETTER, I have not been using any sleeping tablets. I would recommend the Elexoma to anyone to try out."

TG Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

"I am a very busy mom of three children. My eldest son of eight suffers from autism. I hardly have time for myself and after discovering the benefits of the Elexoma machine, I spent a few minutes a day unwinding with my machine. My life has improved dramatically. I now live a healthy and fulfilling life without feeling tense and being crippled by cluster headaches. I am no longer on medication for my chronic headaches and my body feels more relaxed, my energy levels are high and my mood has improved. I find the Elexoma very therapeutic as it clears my head and I am able to breathe easily and not have frightening episodes of heart palpations. I applaud the Elexoma for improving my general well being and the quality of my life. Thank you for a great product, good service and making it affordable for everyone."

Mr LH Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa

"Unbelievable, can't believe after getting such bad headaches every month and after using MC (microcurrent) for two weeks, no more headaches, I've told various friends who suffer from headaches to visit your site. Thanks, Doc!"

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