A pain in the ….?

Anyone who’s put their back out can tell you it’s no laughing matter. Back pain or sciatica can make even the slightest movement an absolute living hell.

Sciatica can be particularly nasty. It’s a lot like the pain from a toothache, just obviously a whole lot lower down. It causes pain in the hips, your lower back, behind your thigh, spreading down the back of your leg – and is a result of irritation to the sciatic nerve, likely brought on by lumbar disc herniation. If coughing or sneezing brings on a shooting pain, you’re likely suffering from sciatica.

If you’ve had doctors mutter words at you like degenerative disc disease, or spondylolisthesis, or spinal stenosis then you are no stranger to the incapacitating effects of back pain. Back pain can also be a result of strained back muscles or damage to bones, ligaments, or joints. Your pain could be sharp, constant, radiating or even referred pain (the cause of it being elsewhere, not in the spot where you’re feeling the hurt).

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