Wide awake all night?

Elexoma restores your sleep patterns

Sleeplessness is a big problem in our city-dwelling population. Electrotherapy has been clinically shown to significantly relieve the symptoms of insomnia by helping people fall asleep faster, fall asleep again when waking in the middle of the night, sleeping longer and sleeping deeper. The longer you have been struggling with insomnia, though, the LESS likely electrotherapy is to help you. Also, if you are using tranquilizers / benzodiazepines on a regular basis, you will find that CES actually worsens your insomnia. Even so, many people have successfully used the Elexoma to wean themselves off sleeping pills and are sleeping quite well now. But it is not a magic wand.

Will the Elexoma Medic fry my brain in any way?

The Elexoma Medic was made to the highest Swiss safety standards.  The output is in the region of the body’s own electrical current.  Most people are not even able to feel the current during treatment.  The device is governed in such a way that even the maximum output is still well within the safe range.


How long before the Elexoma improves my sleep habits?

You will need one month’s treatment for every year you’ve suffered with insomnia. Significant improvements to your sleep will be evident after about 6 months of using the Elexoma.


Is the Elexoma Medic addictive?

The Elexoma Medic has no addictive potential. You can use it daily with no danger of becoming addicted to it.


When should I treat myself?

For most people, it is easiest to treat themselves in the morning, maybe during breakfast or while on the way to work.  A few people report feeling tired after a treatment session and they are advised to treat themselves before bedtime.  Overall, it does not matter WHEN you treat yourself, as long as it fits in with your lifestyle.  The handy belt pouch makes it possible to carry the Elexoma with you while you are walking.  Note: You can continue working on your computer while treating yourself – there is no interaction with the Elexoma.


Get a decent night's rest

How CES helps sleep disorders

Once a day
1 week - 6 months
Really affordable!
Side effects
CES increases daytime vigilance, but it also helps people to sleep deeper and more restfully at night. This is very useful for people who have difficulty falling asleep, or who wake up in the middle of the night and then struggle to fall asleep again. However, restoring sleep in cases where a person has been suffering from sleeplessness for months or years is not easy. If you suffer from long-term sleep problems, you may have to treat yourself for a number of months before you notice any real difference.

How do I use the Elexoma for my sleep problems?

CES once daily (preferably mornings) is the baseline. 200 - 300 uAmp.

In addition: At night, you might want to try programme 6, both leads, red sticky pads on the forehead (either side of the midline, not touching each other) and the corresponding black electrodes on the back of the neck, either side of the midline, not touching each other. You can go up to 1,000 uAmp. Don't be scared if you see flickers, this is normal and safe. Do this 15 minutes before you want to go sleep, for 15 minutes.

Insomnia takes a while to respond to treatment, but the effects are cumulative.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling asleep again, use programme 1, earclips, 200 uAmp to fall asleep again (or, if the sticky pads from programme 6 are still on the machine, take one set of stickies and stick them on the bare patch of skin behind each ear - red and black not relevant).


Effects of cranial electrical stimulation on sleep disturbances
CES and sleep disturbances, depressive symptoms


How the Elexoma helped others overcome their insomnia / sleep disorders

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KA Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa

"I am sleeping deeper now which I ascribe to the CES which I use daily. I am really pleased with my Elexoma."

LM Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

"I would like to inform you of my brief experience since using the Elexoma. I literally am sleeping like a baby now, and I study better."

NJ King William's Town, South Africa

"I must commend you for such a quick response as I received the machine the day after I've place my order. I immediately read my manual and by the end of Friday evening I started with CES and that evening already slept like a little baby and I don't feel as anxious as I normally do and my head feels "clearer". I want to thank you so much for such a great machine, I know now for sure that it will improve my life."

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