A threefold improvement in motor function

A study done by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre showed how introducing tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) to the rehabilitation programme for stroke patients brought great improvement to motor function.

You can read more on the report here.

CES helps the brain to use all its parts in balance.

To replicate the electrode positions used in the study, switch your Elexoma to programme 6 and use a single body (MET) lead together with the pregelled electrodes. Place the black electrode on the smooth, hairless skin just behind the ear on the affected side. Place the red electrode just behind the ear on the side that did NOT have the stroke. Treat at 600 uAmp or thereabouts for 60 minutes a day. Repeat daily. You can also experiment by switching the black and red electrodes around - it can do no damage.

You can also use the standard CES programme (Programme 1, 25 minutes, 200 - 500 uAmp, once daily) to boost the brain of a stroke victim.

Both these programmes can be used on the same day for extra benefit, or alternate between days.

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