Using the Elexoma leads and electrodes

Leads and Electrodes

You will have noticed that you received two sets of treatment leads (cables) and two pairs of pre-gelled electrodes. This is to enable you to treat two areas of the body at once (if need be, to help you save time). Just take note that, if you use both cables at the same time, the actual current being applied to the body is only HALF of what is being displayed on the Elexoma‘s screen. In other words, if the display says you are getting 300 uAmp, you are only getting 150 uAmp PER TREATMENT SITE. Most of the time, however, you will probably only need to treat one area at a time, in which case the display is correct as shown.

For Monophasic programmes, remember that the colour coding on the treatment cables becomes important: Red is positive (anode) and black is negative (cathode) (I use “red lips” and “a black mood” to remind me what goes for what…). The electrode placements for treating various body parts is outlined in quite some detail from page 19 to 32 of your manual. By the way, the picture for CES on page 20 is confusing – programme 1, our CES programme, is biphasic, so it does not really matter which colour goes on which ear.

How to look after your Elexoma electrodes
How Micro-Electric Therapy works