When and how to treat myself with the Elexoma Medic

When should I treat myself?

For most people, it is easiest to treat themselves in the morning, maybe during breakfast or while on the way to work. A few people report feeling tired after a treatment session and they are advised to treat themselves before bedtime. Overall, it does not matter WHEN you treat yourself, as long as it fits in with your lifestyle. The handy belt pouch makes it possible to carry the Elexoma with you while you are walking. Note: You can continue working on your computer while treating yourself – there is no interaction with the Elexoma.

During a treatment session

It is advised that you have your first CES treatment session while you are relaxed and sitting in an armchair. That way, you can assess the effects of CES on yourself much better. At higher intensities, some people report flashes of light, as if someone was taking flash photographs behind their back. This phenomenon is not dangerous and is simply the effect of electrons depolarising the retina, triggering it to report a false image. Treating yourself to a CES session while driving is done at your own risk. We do not recommend it.

Confusing things in the instruction manual
Alarms, MP3 player & SD card on the Elexoma